…soon. :)  I find it so funny that no matter how prepared you THINK you are for a trip, you still find +90 things to do in the last few hours before you leave!!! 

Grit and I are heading down to Seattle in a few hours and flying out on the red-eye to Acapulco for our Destination Wedding we are shooting for Amy & Octavio on Sunday! I am SO stoked for this not only because its a killer destination with a killer couple, but its also our first wedding of 2009! What a way to ring in the 2009 wedding season!!! (RING…WEDDING season… yup, I’m PUNNY!)

We’ll be back in Vancouver Tuesday night (April 28th, 2009). My phone will be turned off but I will try and check my emails periodically, and if I am in a wireless hotspot you can also skype me (name: michaelwachniak).

I can’t wait to show you all the photos!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. Don’t tell me what happens on the Season Finale of Heroes on Monday. I’ll hunt you down. ;)



(temperatures are in Celsius not in Fahrenheit lol)