Just over a month ago I was the Best Man at my Best Friend’s wedding in Mexico.

Yes, the cameras came along. No, I didn’t shoot the wedding.

Well, not the whole wedding…

I fired off a roll or two, but mainly the cameras came down in Mexico for a vacation too. ;)

I thought I’d  share a few of my favorite frames.

All shots on film and developed and digitized by the amazing folks over at Caribou Film Lab (with one or two pics self-developed by yours truly).

destination-wedding-photographer-01 destination-wedding-photographer-02 destination-wedding-photographer-03 destination-wedding-photographer-04 destination-wedding-photographer-05 destination-wedding-photographer-06 destination-wedding-photographer-07 destination-wedding-photographer-08 destination-wedding-photographer-09 destination-wedding-photographer-10 destination-wedding-photographer-11 destination-wedding-photographer-12 destination-wedding-photographer-13 destination-wedding-photographer-14 destination-wedding-photographer-15 destination-wedding-photographer-16 destination-wedding-photographer-17