There are two things I have wanted to do for a long time: 1) shoot a Steamworks Vancouver wedding and 2) photograph a wedding only using one camera, and only using black and white film.

Mission accomplished.


Disclaimer: At this time, I am not offering full ‘black and white’ wedding coverage only. This was just something I wanted to do for fun and chalk it up to personal growth I guess. I am a huge fan of shooting in black and white, and given the opportunity I would do this again (with permission of course haha). Stripping away the color and use of multiple cameras keeps everything simple and allowed me to focus on the moment (pun intended). It also helped that I was actually the third photographer at this wedding and was a fly on the wall for the entire time. (Special thank you to Brad Hughes of White Frame Photography and of course the lovely couple Jennifer and Alfred for allowing me to shoot exclusively in black and white for my little snippet of the day!)

If you are getting married at The Landing at Steamworks in Vancouver and appreciate my work, I’d love to hear from you! Likewise, if black and white photography is something you really love and would love your day documented in such a way, drop me a line on my contact page…I might be swayed to do it again!


01-backlit-bride-by-window 02-bride-and-bridesmaids-looking-at-wedding-guests 03-dog-ring-bearer-at-wedding-ceremony 04-the-landing-steamworks-wedding-ceremony-vancouver 05-guests-at-wedding-ceremony-steamworks-vancouver 06-steamworks-wedding-ceremony-details 07-steamworks-vancouver-wedding-ceremony 08-wedding-ceremony-recessional-with-bubbles 09-candid-photo-wedding-ceremony-champagne 10-steamworks-vancouver-wedding-cake-detail 11-beautiful-wedding-candid-moment-of-bride-with-mom 12-bridesmaids-with-bride-steamworks-wedding 13-bride-and-groom-playing-piano 14-groom-being-lifted-up-by-groomsmen 15-groomsmen-and-groom-casual-portrait-vancouver 16-jennifer-bride-and-alfred-groom-casual-portrait-vancouver 17-jennifer-bride-with-flowing-veil-portrait 18-gastown-steamworks-angel-of-victory-statue