Spent a little while with these guys a few nights ago down at Mud Bay Park. To say I am a little excited for their wedding in July is kind of like saying Michael and La Toya Jackson only KINDA looked the same… I need one of those advent calendars with chocolates in it just so I can cope while counting down the days…or maybe just cut to the chase and give me the chocolate…but I digress…here are some photos:

mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-01 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-02 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-03 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-04 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-05 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-06 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-07 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-08 mud-bay-park-vancouver-engagement-session-09