Vancouver Family Portrait Photographer - Polaroid

On Sunday night I returned home from a 4 day business-trip to Calgary. Because of the rain on Thursday and Friday, I had to shoot all 7 family portrait sessions on Saturday and Sunday. It was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to shoot more in Calgary in the future. On Monday morning after my kids awoke (and I smothered them with hugs and kisses), I began unpacking my bags. As I pulled out my Polaroid camera, I thought I would load it with more Black and White film and prepare it for the next shoot. As I was about to put it away, I snapped a quick photo of Olivor and Lucas lying on the floor… and as I pulled the polaroid apart to see it for the first time, I smiled. This ‘snapshot’ that had ZERO planning, is now officially one of my most treasured images of the two of my children. Most people will see two boys on the floor. What is so beautiful to me is that they are cuddling on the blanket I had since I was Olivor’s age, and lying on top of it is Olivor’s baby blanket… full circle. I also (in some weird but really amazing way), see the brother I never had. A lifetime of living vicariously I suppose. Can’t wait. :) This makes me smile, and always will. Happy Monday (on a Wednesday). :)