The energy and laughter at Crystal’s parent’s house in the morning, the humbling beauty of the cathedral, the VIEW from the downtown rooftop on Melville, the sun shining into the tent during dinner, the crazy mad-dash 4 minute session on Jericho beach at sunset…

…oh and by the way…Best. First. Dance. Ever. K, seriously….it was a choreographed medley of Jack Johnson, Dirty Dancing, and Chris Brown. BLEW MY MIND! The entire wedding party was in on it! The crowd went WILD!

Crystal and Brian: Standing “O” my friends. No, wait… slow clap, progressively faster, and THEN standing “O”. :)

To Brad Hughes: my sanity-maintainer/assistant/helper/2nd-dude-with-a-camera….guy: You, my friend, are a talented photographer. Simple as that. All your images rock, and a perfect example of the power of your images, is the one of Brian hugging his dad. Seriously, perfect. That one set the tone early in the day and you just kept on knockin’ ‘em outta the park!

Here are just a few of the people/places that helped make the day as amazing as it was. Please check them out, or better yet if you see them, high-five them.

Videographer: Oceanview Videography
Reception: Brock House Restaurant
Ceremony: Holy Rosary Cathedral
Transportation: Vancouver Trolley Company
Flowers: Flowerz
DJ: Hot Hit Productions
Hair: Design Tech Hair Studio
Cake: Sweet Thea Cakes

To view their wedding slideshow, click here.

Oh, and after you take a look at these images, go ahead and take a gander back at how awesome Crystal + Brian were for their engagement session at Whytecliff Park.

P.S. A Note to Brian: You guys and that damn ‘No speak Americano” song….! :)) Did you know that that song was stuck in my head all night, and I actually downloaded it from iTunes on the drive home?! (Brad did the next day too I think haha!) Awesome party guys. Thank you. :)