There’s one thing about being a Male Wedding Photographer… When someone mentions the word Manolo and your eyes widen like a kid in a candy store, people look at you.

Well actually, girls tend to high-five you and laugh, while most guys USUALLY stare blankly at you, wondering if Manolo was some kind of new reality show or fancy chocolate bar.

Truth is, its better.

Especially when its your wedding day. :)

Enter: Connie and Eric

My lovely 2nd photographer (and fiance) Grit started off at Eric’s parent’s house with the guys, while I was with the ladies at Brock House. Lisa and Kerri of Lisa Gregory Special Events were already working their magic with the decorations and everything was looking amazing! The ceremony was SO beautiful! I do have a bit of a confession I need to make though… I really try to do many things differently at every wedding, but there is one thing (in particular) that I keep consistant. At every single wedding ceremony I shoot I position myself at the front of the aisle so naturally I can get a photo of the bride walking up, but (and don’t take this the wrong way) I actually get more excited and emotional when I turn and photograph the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride coming towards him. Its that one moment where everything stops and the edges blur out…and right in the middle, crystal clear and glowing from the inside out, there she is. I don’t get choked up often at weddings (ok that’s a lie) but I’d have to say that watching the groom’s reaction is the one that usually does the trick. Eric was no exception to this. He’s a really awesome guy and had me laughing the entire day, but when Connie came down that aisle with her dad, Eric wore his heart on his sleeve. You could see every single moment together with Connie up until then was in itself a reason to stand there. And Connie of course, looking deeply into Eric’s eyes and smiling at the altar… those single moments with him up until then were exactly why she was there too. And every moment from then on afterwards? Well, thats just the icing on the cake. :)

Connie and Eric, thank you so much for inviting Grit and myself into your wedding day. We had an amazing time with you guys! :)

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