I believe it was around Christmas time a year ago (2007) that I met Alykhan and Salima. We met downtown at a Blendz coffee shop, and I remember how quickly we hit it off. Within minutes we were already swapping stories and laughing, it was truly like meeting with old friends. On top of that, the more they discussed their wedding plans with me the more excited I got! I remember thinking “Wow, a four day wedding, huh?”… I have seen time and time again how much craziness and excitement gets packed into ONE day, what’s FOUR days going to do?!
Well, see for yourself. The photos tell more than I ever could with words.

I gotta pitch in here for a sec… I won’t say too much, but these next two collections of photos are actually ceremonies the night before the wedding day. Salima gets a beautifully fragrant paste rubbed onto her skin to beautify her for the next day, while Alykhan on the other hand… um… you have to see it to believe it. 
Ok, onto some cleaner photos :)

We had a chance to shoot at the Stanley Park Inn before the reception, and I automatically fell in love with this little B&B.
First Dance

This collage just melts my heart every time I look at it. So simple, nothing really fancy on the photos…just pure love. 

Alykhan and Salima, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your celebration. I had an amazing time and I feel so blessed to have met your family and friends. You all truly are a perfect example of Real Love.
Special shout-outs to Tracey for helping me out with the day! You rock, Miss Thang! :)