Alana and Ante had an amazing wedding! I had the privelage of having two other photographers working with me for the day: the amazingly talented Nick Beaulieu and Kyla Kennedy! The three of us had an absolute blast. Kyla and I started with the ladies at the Hilton in Metrotown, where we met up with my lovely fiance Grit who had already been there 4 hours styling everyone’s hair! She did an amazing job as always, but thats besides the point. Nick was hanging with the guys at Alana and Ante’s new house (congrats again guys!).

The ceremony was filled with laughter and tears, and to top it off the light shining through the stained glass behind Alana and Ante was absolutely incredible!

After the ceremony we left for Deer Lake Park for our photosession. There was some amazing light and locations, and yet again I climbed another tree for a few photos … I won’t go into that much, but hey, if you love something, work it into your daily schedule, right? Photographers: If you need a different angle, climb! :)

As the sun was coming down, it was just about time to head to Nikkei Place for the reception. The speeches were hilarious and heartwarming, the dinner was perfect, and the dancing was out of control! :) About halfway through the reception I was feeling more of a guest to the wedding than the photographer! Everyone was so great and we had an absolute ball. Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of your big day!

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