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Happy New Year everyone!! 2010 has come and gone, and what an amazing year it was! I am thankful for so many things and I am so excited for what’s ahead of us!

Normally this time of year is the time when we all PROMISE to go to the gym more, or PROMISE to be a better person…I want to do something a little different. Instead of thinking of 1 or 2 resolutions for 2011, I thought I would start up my second list of “101 things to do in 1001 days”. I had a lot of fun with my first list even though I didn’t finish the entire list. I’m not sure you are supposed to finish it all anyways. Its better to have a few things to carry over, otherwise your bar wasn’t set high enough, right?! This time I have a few things that are pretty easy (like #25: blogging this list. check!), a few that are pretty big (#6: buy a house), and a few that are (in my opinion) pretty darn hard to actually commit to (#36: no tv/internet for a week! yikes!). All in all I’d say this list is well rounded, and will keep me busy for the next 1001 days… (like having a 5 month old baby boy wasn’t enough!).

I am officially starting the countdown today, January 1st, 2011, which means the final day will be September 28th, 2013!

I strongly encourage all of you to create your own list, think of it as a schedule of amazing things you want to accomplish! It’s easy! Just write down 101 things you would LOVE to do in the next 1001 days! How do you expect to have the amazing life you have always wanted if you don’t even know what you want?!

And finally here is my promise to you: If you do in fact create your own list, please post a link to it in the comments below and I will help you with your list as much as I can. In fact, why don’t we all help each other with what we can ok? Of course, the list is meant (I suppose) to be a list to explore and accomplish on your own, but I know I’d sure love some motivation and high-fives along the way, wouldn’t you? Who knows, maybe you personally know a celebrity that is getting married and looking for a photographer for their wedding? (#2 on the list is just DYING to be scratched off) :)

A toast: *raises glass* ….To an amazing 2011, and the best, most rewarding 1001 days of our lives (so far!)!

1. Run in a 10K
2. Shoot a celebrity wedding
3. Shoot a destination wedding in Italy, Germany, or Hawaii
4. Read 5 classic novels
5. Speak German, write German, read German
6. Buy a house
7. Scan/archive all slides/negs in my ‘family photos’ box downstairs.
8. Baby #2? :)
9. Bring in 5 more Photographer Workshops into Vancouver
10. Attend a wedding as a guest
11. Get Married
12. See Olivor walk for the first time
13. Get Scuba Diving certified
14. Roll down a hill
15. Buy Grit a Mother’s Day gift. :)
16. Grow my own herb garden
17. Hike to the summit of a mountain and have lunch
18. Sell fine art prints with a percentage of proceeds to go to charity
19. Read all the Harry Potter books
20. Go to Germany for vacation
21. Drive across North America
22. Blog every day for a month
23. Catch a fish
24. Eat said fish
25. Finish this list before end of Jan 1, 2011 so I can blog it :) (Completed Jan 1/11 YAY!) lol
26. Drive through Redwood Forest
27. Go Skiing
28. Own a solar panel (panels in calculators don’t count)
29. Watch the Godfather series
30. Read “There’s a monster at the end of this book” to Olivor
31. Meditate daily for 10 min for 30 consecutive days
32. Own my own studio
33. Enter at least 5 photo contests
34. Ride a horse
35. Go on a cruise
36. No Internet/TV for a week
37. Ride a roller coaster
38. See a Glacier
39. Donate $5 for every item on this list not completed to charity
40. Start a regular “Date Night” with Grit
41. Give blood
42. Create a morning ritual that makes me smile :)
43. Donate most of the clothes I own that I haven’t worn in a long time and start buying “My Ultimate Wardrobe” one piece at a time
44. Fly a kite (buy one first)
45. Take a night class of some sort
46. Go one day without speaking…at all. (includes social media, emails etc)
47. Eat 100% homecooked meals for 1 month (no take-out etc)
48. Create an emergency kit (food/water etc, 1 month supply)
49. Complete Vision Board
50. Add more video to my blog
51. Finish Christmas shopping before December
52. Have a full-on Picnic with family
53. Start writing Morning Pages (from The Artist’s Way)
54. Blog 10 things from my childhood/teen years
55. Take 1 photo every month and create a calendar
56. Start my own Project 365 (Started January 1st, 2011… now to finish it!)
57. Discover and listen to 10 “less than popular” Beatles songs
58. Go to an Opera
59. Go to New York
60. Go to bed every night before 11pm for an entire week
61. Learn to play poker
62. Make someone a mixtape (or CD)
63. Watch 10 Black and White movies that I haven’t seen
64. Buy a film camera…and use it.
65. Ask 5 people to recommend 1 book each. Read all 5. (Completed: 0/5)
66. Ask 5 people to recommend 1 movie each. Watch all 5. (Completed: 0/5)
67. Spend $10 only in an entire week. (Food must already be purchased prior to starting, and is not included in the $10)
68. Spend New Year’s in another country
69. Go to Vegas and avoid all buffets
70. Write a song on Guitar + blog it
71. Learn 10 new songs front to back on guitar (Completed: 0/10)
72. Do something Extraordinary (someone else must tell me when I have completed this, AND tell me what it was)
73. Starwars marathon! :)
74. Watch all Bond movies. (yikes!)
75. Visit a country I have never been
76. Fall asleep under a tree in a different country
77. High-five a stranger
78. Get interviewed by someone
79. Fly 1st class (never have!)
80. Do the Grouse Grind three times total (Completed: 0/3)
81. Bench Press my body weight (holy crap)
82. Own a fireproof safe
83. Sleep in a hammock
84. Donate $500 in one year to charity
85. Start a newsletter for my business
86. Run a contest of some sort
87. Watch the sun rise every day for 2 weeks (provided no clouds etc)
88. Do a one-handed pushup
89. Build a fort
90. Make an “I am thankful for…” list at least 101 things long
91. Tip someone 100%
92. Paintball ;)
93. The whole “washboard abs” thing…(sigh…)
94. Shoot a photosession on top of a building
95. Paint something on canvas
96. Stay outside from sunrise to sunset two times (Completed: 0/2)
97. Go to the circus
98. Go to the batting cages
99. Buy a second car
100. Make something out of clay
101. Post this list where I can see it and review it every day (like on my vision board!!) – (Completed Feb 1st, 2011)


  1. Sachin Khona January 2, 2011 1:33 am

    Mike, this is awesome!
    Felt like this was a great insight into your life, mind and dreams! Loving it!!
    I’d love to start a list too and maybe ill start one today.. i like the idea of 1000 days to achieve it..
    Maybe I can help you out with no. 78.. I’ve done a few on my blog with photographers.. let me know if youre game?
    All the best for 2011!!

  2. Magalie January 3, 2011 8:30 am

    Looks like a great challenge! I might be tempted to start my own, but would have to seriously think about it…

    I tried to do a photo a week last year – epic fail! Best of luck with #56, although with the iphone it makes things easier :P

    For #66, I know you ain’t asking, but “Wings of Desire” (Himmel über Berlin) and “Aimee Und Jaguar” – both great movies, both German, to help with #5.

    #57 – are there any non-popular songs????

  3. Shaun Ali January 8, 2011 3:16 pm

    I can dig it! I like “zee german”!

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